Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. is looking for Editor-in-Chief of the publishing unit
Released at 2022-06-01

Company profile

Guangxi Publishing and Media Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Group) is a large-scale cultural industry group in Guangxi and a state-owned cultural enterprise directly under the autonomous region。The Group has a number of wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, covering the main business of publishing, printing (reproduction) and distribution of books, periodicals, audiovisual, electronic and network publications, as well as cultural real estate, material trade, property management, cultural investment and other businesses。

In recent years,Group companies based on international and domestic resources,Continue to develop and expand the main publishing industry,Actively lead the people to read,Continuously enhance the influence of Guangxi publishing brand,He has won International Excellence Award, "Five One" Project Award, China Excellent Publication Award, China Publishing Government Award, "The World's Most Beautiful Book", "Chinese Good Book" and other world-class and national important awards30余项。Under the new situation of reform and development, the Group company will give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain platform, deeply gather strength and integrate development, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry, fully build the benchmark of cultural enterprises in Guangxi, and build a first-class publishing group in China。

Recruitment position

Chief editor of Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House and Guangxi Golden Bay Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House, a subsidiary of the Group

Job qualification

1.Have good political quality and moral conduct。

2.Member of the Communist Party of China, love publishing work, with the necessary professional knowledge to be competent in this position, with the title of deputy senior or above。

3.Editor in chief of Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House Art education background or related work experience is preferred;The chief editor of Guangxi Golden Bay Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House with relevant education background or work experience in fusion publishing and digital publishing is preferred。

Registration time

From June 1 to July 1, 2022

Matters needing attention

1.Please complete the registration form with complete information as required。The content must be true, valid and accurate。

2.Please write a letter of recommendation directly to the chairman of the group company, if any, please attach it。Chairman's

3.Candidates must keep their email and mobile phones open, and we will inform you of the assessment information by email, SMS or phone. (Note: For the unsuccessful candidates in each recruitment process, we may not be able to notify them one by one.。

4.For online registration, please send the registration form to:gxcbrlzp@163.comThe email name is uniformly named "Apply for the company.+Apply for a position+Name ", such as "Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House Co., LTD+Editor in chief+姓名”。

5.The registration form is attached。

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